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Guiding Your Brand

Milepost59 is a strategic creative agency that defines brands and crafts communications using many of our own proprietary tools, like Brand Story Architecture and Brand Gravity. The work informs what you say and how you say it, and even how you go about running your organization. Understanding your road map is the best way to get consumers to achieve success.

Brand Foundations

Milepost59 specializes in building brand road maps so your story is clearly defined, ensuring it’s meaningful, relevant, powerful, and stays consistent over time. The strategic plans and guidelines we deliver help make change possible. And good.


Whether it's a business plan or a Brand Gravity book, these are the maps that give your brand purpose and point it in the right direction. The guidelines we build contain things like brand purpose, promise, beliefs, positioning statement, benefits matrix, archetype, attributes, competitive analysis, and risk assessment. They can define brand expression, and can include brand assets like identity, voice, typography, color palette, graphic elements, and photography. 

Brand Stories

Not every company needs a refreshed brand. You may need storytelling on an individual-project scale. We love telling brand stories in fresh, strategically smart ways.


We don’t specialize in print or interactive or packaging. Unlike some agencies that have a hammer and only see nails, we specialize in brand story architecture and then apply the new logic and content where and how it needs to go. Recently we’ve developed identity systems, promotional ideas, product names, advertising campaigns, websites, posters, videos, mobile apps, retail messaging, and tradeshow booth graphics.

Milepost59 Tools

Brand guidelines, strategic plans, print ads, and proprietary names don’t just come out of nowhere. Over the years we’ve built and curated a set of creative tools that help us reach beautiful, on-brand destinations. Our tools help us name things, identify brand emotions, spark brand tension, define attributes and archetypes, write positioning statements, develop propritery language, map brand voice, assemble color palettes, choose type, and pretty much rock your brand. 


Now would be a good time to check out our work. Thanks!

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