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Who We Are


A small brand agency, Milepost59 creates strategic documents and emotional brand stories for clients like you. We're experienced writers, designers, and business thinkers. Not juniors. We think about your business strategically, then express your brand emotionally, with beautiful design and branded language. Take a look at our cairn mascot. It symbolizes who we are and how we go about our work. Simple, flexible, efficient, collaborative. And powerful. 

Derwynn Dominguez

Pete D'Agostino

How We Work


Agencies shouldn’t be mysterious black boxes. When it’s time to come up with ideas, we take an iterative and collaborative approach. Rather than three “finished” ideas, we show more thinking throughout the process. We define "small brand and advertising agency" as one that doesn't have a bunch of people waiting around to spend your money. We keep it tight, because that's what your budget demands.

Why Milepost59?


The story of our name says everything about the way we work on brands like yours. If you take Highway 138 east from Roseburg, you’ll head straight into the central Oregon Cascades. About an hour out you’ll hit Milepost 59, access to the North Umpqua Trail. At 73 miles, NUT is one of the longest, most remote mountain bike trails in the country. It’s challenging and occasionally scary, but beautiful and immensely rewarding. And that’s exactly the way we approach our work. We’re always up for a creative challenge, and we’re determined to make the process rewarding and fun. You’ll get a better product that way.

Contact  |  206.200.2578

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