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When it comes to green money, consumers pay attention.

SHAKE UP THE BUSINESS MODEL: Starbucks needed an idea to revive flagging afternoon summer sales. ASAP! We delivered the Treat Receipt, a morning receipt printed on green paper that’s worth cash toward the afternoon treats they wanted to promote. The idea, which we supported with print ads, radio spots, and in-store posters, has been their national summer promotion ever since.


ENTERTAIN: For a Los Angeles product launch, Starbucks wanted to emphasize their new drink’s Italian roots. We ran a series of fake news stories that made humorous connections between Italy and L.A. The articles, each splattered with ink to stand out and hint at the drink’s dramatic taste, ran on three consecutive pages in the L.A. Times. The actual ad for Sorbetto ran on the fourth page, paying off the "news" stories. We also created radio spots and outdoor ads for the successful launch.


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